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Recent Projects

The Mary Idema Pew Library Project

The Mary Idema Pew Library consists of 150,000 square feet of new structure. It will house over 700,000 volumes of periodicals and collections. The site is flanked by South Campus Drive, the Kirkhof Center and the Cook Family Clock Tower. An underground connection to the lower level of the Kirkhof Center will be constructed, which will daylight out to the concourse of the new Library. The Kirkhof Center, loading dock, and public bus operations must be fully operational throughout the construction timeline. The building is four stories tall, + concourse level, + basement, + penthouse for a total of seven functional levels. The superstructure will consist of cast-in-place concrete foundations and structural steel. The building will be clad in high performance curtainwall, stone (quartzite), fieldstone, copper, and metal panel. The roof shall be comprised of single-ply fully adhered membrane roofing, green tray system, walk pavers and a user roof patio. The building will house exhibition spaces, book stacks, a large multi-purpose room, student study and break-out areas, food service, library faculty and staff suites, and an automated book retrieval system. Cascade Cement is responsible for the tunnel and vault construction associated with the library. We teamed up with Jelsema Concrete on this project who is the concrete contractor responsible for constructing the remainder of the building.

Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is constructing a 380,000 square foot building flanked by Gezon Parkway and 58th Street. This facility will house their new data center and a variety of office suites. The food-service distributor will be relocating in summer 2012 more than 1,000 office employees to this new complex. Cascade Cement is constructing the concrete foundations and the concrete flatwork for this project. This project consists of foundation pads that exceed 40 yards per pad. This structure is primarily constructed using Precast Planks which will sit on our concrete foundations. Since we are experts at working with the coordination of Precast planks into our foundations, this process will be handled without issue. The Gordon Food Service project is one of the top 5 largest projects Cascade Cement has been awarded since its inception in 1972.

New Fremont High School

Cascade Cement was awarded the building concrete contract to construct the new Fremont High School located in Fremont Michigan. We were awarded the concrete foundations, concrete flatwork and concrete polishing portions of this project. Areas of this project include integral color in the classrooms. The colored floor areas will receive concrete polishing. Cascade Cement Contracting has a concrete polishing division which consists of certified concrete polishing individuals. We are interested and qualified to tackle concrete polishing projects large or small. This project is one of the top 5 largest projects Cascade Cement has been awarded since its inception in 1972.

Bell’s Brewery

The $8 million project will be a newly constructed 45,000 square foot three story brew house, which will add new fermenters, a new visitor's center and employee care area and provide space and equipment for new specialty fermentations. The project designer is Slocum Architects and construction is expected to begin in spring 2011. Cascade Cement Contracting was awarded the foundation portion of this project which was a very detailed effort as the equipment sitting on these foundations has very little tolerance for errors. Since Cascade Cement is considered an expert in the field of exactness and tolerance requirements this project fits our strengths very well.

Thornapple Kellogg High School

These photos show a 35 foot wall we installed at Thornapple Kellogg High School in 2009.

Davenport Student Activities Center

These photos show a tall, curved wall we installed in 2008 at Davenport University for their new Student Activities Center.

Muskegon Salt Storage


Meijer 28th & Kalamazoo


Michigan State University


Loutit Library Grand Haven


Kalamazoo Air Traffic Control Tower


Ionia Menards


Grand Rapids Christian Quest Center Auditorium


Garden Lane Water Treatment


Army Reserve Center Columbus Ohio


Central Michigan University Health Professions