Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you do residential work?

We do not do standard residential work. Large, commercially equivalent, residential projects have been tackled, but we do not perform standard concrete work at homes such as pools, sidewalks, porches, etc.

Who oversees my project?
We have a full staff ready to serve you as best as possible. Each of our crews are led by a foreman and overseen by an owner. Our office staff is happy to assist with more specific questions regarding estimates, invoicing, + timeline.
Do you work through the winter?
Although we can slow down in the winter, we never stop! Thanks to modern technology + careful planning concrete can be poured year-round. However, we try to mostly perform indoor work in the winter as that is best for our crew + your project.
Would you be interested in my project?
Check out the “What We Do” page to get a better idea of whether we would be a good fit for your project. However, it never hurts to ask! Head to “Contact Us” to give us some more information + we can tell you.
Are you hiring?
We always take the opportunity to look at applicants. We may not being hiring right when you apply, or maybe the position you are looking at isn’t open but others are, and even in those cases it’s always good to get your name to us for when something opens up!
What does your pricing look like?
Due to the nature of our industry pricing is always fluctuating + is job scope specific. We can give rough estimates for pumping and polishing jobs and would be able to put together an estimate for your contract job if given some time. Reach out to the appropriate contact on our Contact Us page for more information.
Do you sell anything made of concrete?
We do have concrete retaining wall blocks + tops we make ourselves. If this is something you’re interested in, contact us, we’d love to chat about it.
What is your lead time right now?
This is ever changing so it’s best to contact us for a more current answer. Rule of thumb, it’s always best to get us your project early, it gives both of us a chance to create the best schedule for the project. However, it never hurts to ask!
How much experience do you have?

Head to our About Us page to learn about our 50+ years of experience. In fact, you’ve probably walk on our work many times without even knowing it! Check out our Projects page for a list of jobs you may recognize.