What We Do

We stand out in commercial and large residential projects thanks to our hands-on owners and specialized team.

A Leader in the Midwest Concrete Industry

We love working on local projects with local general contractors. You can find our crews working on foundations, flatwork, sitework, pumping and polishing year-round.

Who We Work With:



We are capable of a wide variety of foundation and footing needs. From short to tall, curved to straight, we specialize in complicated designs.


We are a leader in placing concrete flatwork backed by our extensive experience. The bigger, the better. Using our own crews, pump trucks, conveyors and screeds, we pride ourselves on being efficient.

Concrete Paving & Sitework

Like our strength in flatwork, concrete paving is an area we thrive in. Our employees have a vast amount of experience in the installation of concrete sidewalks, curb & gutter, and equipment pads.

Concrete Pumping

We own a variety of concrete pump trucks ranging from 28 meters to 46 meters, laser screeds, conveyors, and line dragons. These not only help us but can help you as well! Rental of our pump trucks, conveyors, and laser screeds are available to assist with your concrete installation needs. Your rental includes the provision of an experienced operator for each of these pieces of equipment.

Concrete Polishing

We can install a wide variety of concrete finishes such as, “salt & pepper”, “exposed aggregate”, and concrete staining. There is a vast array of concrete stain colors to choose from which will enhance the look of your polished concrete floors. These floors are slip-resistant and require very little maintenance to keep their finished look.

Jobs You May Recognize


Over the years we’ve had the privilege to work on their popular grocery stores and their upcoming city markets. Supporting other locally owned companies is always a favorite.


From serving them, to being a loyal customer of theirs, Menards has been longtime business partner of ours. From warehouses to greenhouses, guard shacks to sidewalks, we cover the paths of these well-known home improvement stores.


Whether it’s a renovation or a new build, we have enjoyed serving various Aldi locations by helping with their concrete needs.

Our Partners

On behalf of Visser Brothers, we would like to thank Cascade Cement for all the work your team has done over the years. Your team has provided a true partnership that has aided Visser in delivering successful projects to the end user. Your DNA is built on great integrity, which has been shown through your open communication, cost management, ability to meet schedules and your consistent delivery of quality results. When Cascade has been faced with challenges, your team has always worked to find a timely solution, all while maintaining a great attitude. This kind of commitment and work ethic has been a breath of fresh air! Cascade has a mind toward the bigger picture of the project and seeks to help other trades be successful by their willingness to coordinate and ask the right questions. Thank you for everything that your company does and stands for, speaking on behalf of everyone at Visser Brothers, we look forward on the continued partnership with Cascade Cement.


Patrick Fate
Project Manager, Visser Brothers
For nearly a decade we have had the pleasure of partnering with Cascade Cement on a long list of successful projects, most recently, Calvary Church, Roskam Baking, Leprino, and Egypt Valley Country Club. Many of these projects have been in working facilities, which creates a higher level of complexity. Cascade Cement continues to ensure the process works well for all parties involved.

Erhardt Construction is always proud to partner with Cascade Cement because we share the same core values in safety and serving the client with honor and integrity. They are solution-driven to find better ways of doing things and improve on what standards are in place. Cascade Cement also has a history of providing VE options without compromising the design intent. With today’s changing market conditions this provides greater value for all involved.

Cascade Cement is a true team player. We can always count on them to work well and coordinate with other trades to ensure the best possible client experience. It is always a pleasure to know Cascade Cement is on one of our projects.


Ryan Formsma
Senior Vice President, Erhardt Construction Company