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A letter from Rockford Construction

To all the owners & employees of Cascade Cement,

I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for the excellent job you did on the Thomapple Kellogg High School project. All too often we forget to thank the people who were responsible for a successful job, and usually all you hear are the complaints. I would bet that this is not the case at Cascade Cement.

Working with Cascade was not only one of my more enjoyable moments of this project, but also my whole career with OAK. Your expertise of your trade is to be credited. It is nice to have a contractor who I can place full trust into the work being done right the first time without me standing over their shoulder. If it was possible for me to select my concrete contractor for every job I managed, it would be Cascade Cement!

The employees at Cascade were all a pleasure to have on site, and were well liked by all of the other trades. They were clean in appearance, well mannered, possessed strong work ethics, and were just all very good hardworking guys. The office staff was equally enjoyable to work with, and when pricing was requested we received it immediately. They were always quick to visit the site to meet with us for pricing needed.

Cascade's equipment was also top notch, and the employees were well versed in getting the most out of it. I am very grateful for the Total Station layout that you did. With all of us following your layout the project came out perfect. Coordination with the other trades was also made easier by Cascade having their own concrete pumps, and their control of when they would be on site. Cascade was always on schedule, and most times ahead. That made my job easier, and I am looking forward to our next project together. Have a Merry Christmas, and keep up the great work.

Thanks again,
Bill McLaughlin / OAK field superintendent


I just finished Fremont High School with Cascade Concrete as my concrete sub for footings and flatwork. Scott has been a pleasure to work with and made everybody feel very comfortable with his knowledge and layout. Every day I stated "I always said that I knew when it was 5:00 PM because I just heard the concrete trucks arriving". Scott and Mark his foreman would lay out and prep all day and pour at the end of the day. When Steve arrived it was more of the same attitude and quality. Their attitude and expertise is something we need more of in this industry, and I am glad that I will be using Cascade Concrete again on my next project, Hudsonville 9+ High School and Transportation Buildings.

Gregg Schievink


Elzinga Volkers (December 21, 2011)

In the spirit of the holiday season, Elzinga & Volkers would like to express our gratitude for all the help that you and your team have provided on the 588 E Lakewood project. This is a very demanding project with a schedule that could rival the best of them, but your company stepped up to the plate and treated it with the sense of urgency that it needed to have. We are extremely thankful that you were a part of our team for this project.

Any contractor should feel lucky to have a company like yours on their project. We look forward to working with you in the future. Have a great holiday season and a happy new year.

Thank you from the E&V Team


Elzinga Volkers (February 24, 2012)

Linda, Mike and his crew finished stripping forms from the last foundation wall this morning, cleaned up and just left the project site. I want to take this time to let your office and mine know what a great job your crew did. The quality and accuracy of their work was second to none. Safety was never an issue with any of the crew, we have slabs and site work coming up in a few months, I'm sure we can expect more of the same level of professional behavior. This always makes my job easier thanks.

Dan Blamer
Field Manager
Elzinga & Volkers, Inc.